About Us

The Medicus Kick X Attitude


Develop superior innovative training programs, and engineer high performance products designed for players of all caliber.

We will motivate and help you achieve success in sports, fitness, and health. Whatever your goal, we want you to improve and bring KICK X attitude to all aspects of your life.


At Medicus Kick X we know performance.

For over 25 years, Medicus products have been helping people improve their golf game. Working with coaches and teachers, our products and R&D expertise based on the true science of the golf swing, has made us #1 in golf training. As we’ve helped players grow and succeed, we discovered that the equipment they were using needed improvements. So, we decided to engineer our own line of high performance gear based on the game changing training methods we pioneered. We developed the Kick X brand of equipment not only to complement, but enhance what you’ve learned with Medicus. Medicus Kick X gives everyone at any level a complete performance solution. Play with confidence, continuously improve, and ultimately get maximum enjoyment out of the game. Do you KICK X?