Blast ToughLie 15°

Built For Tough Lies, Built To Rescue!

The Kick X Blast ToughLie 15 degree Fairway Wood's unique cavity compression technology transfers energy from the back of the club head towards the front, generating explosive power from the face, allowing for a higher C.O.R. upon impact. Four oversized CT grooves on the sole help the club dig deep into the rough, scooping the ball out from any obstacle on the fairway. When you swing, the Tough Lie's cavity compression chambers generate maximum distance on impact, and precision shot control. The Blast Tough Lie is designed with an enlarged sweetspot which provides maximum forgiveness on miss hits.

Built from 17-4 stainless steel, today's preferred material for 3 woods, the blast ToughLie's reversible rail system, cuts through tough lies cleanly, sending the ball up and out. Playing in shorter grass? The rail plate can be easily unscrewed and flipped over for smoother, more manageable lies.

The advanced metal casting process results in a smaller, but stronger head that cuts down swing drag- sending the ball on a farther flight path downrange.

Multiple flex options in the shaft cater to a wide variety of players and provide optimal swing speed for max ball distance while the unique color contrast on the head allows for precision alignment and enhanced accuracy on approach shots.

Product Features

Reversible Rescue Rails

Keep the clubface square and steady while cutting through thick grass.

Expanded CT Grooves

Relief grooves on the sole exhaust air and debris to help the clubhead through rough grass

Compact Head

Small pear-shaped head makes it easier for the club to cut through tough lies

Cavity Compression Technology

Creates an explosive spring-like effect for explosive launching power and carry distance


Watch and Learn

See the technology that makes the Blast ToughLie work so well in tough situations